Exhibitor Rules & Regulations

All exhibitors will be expected to enter into a contract with the ACEN agreeing to the conference exhibit rules and regulations.

Audio/Visual Equipment
If closed sound systems cannot be arranged, open sound systems will be permitted. However, sound “leakage” must not interfere with other exhibitors. The ACEN reserves the right to request the reduction in volume or cessation of use of any system that creates such interference. Audio/visual equipment order forms will be included in the exhibitor service manual.

Booth/Promotional Activity
Booth/promotional activities, such as demonstrations, live interviews, market research, etc., may not interfere with normal traffic flow nor infringe on neighboring exhibits. Booth/promotional activities will not be permitted outside of the exhibitor’s assigned booth space. Exhibitors should reserve a reasonable portion of their exhibit space for the crowds or lines that popular activities may attract. “Meet the expert” panels and product theaters are not allowed in the exhibit hall.

Booth Accessibility/ADA Compliance
Exhibitors shall be responsible for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1992 (ADA) with regards to their booth space, including, but not limited to, wheelchair access. Further information regarding ADA compliance is available via telephone at (800) 514-0301 or at https://www.ada.gov/

Deposits and Payments
Full payment is due with the completed application. Full payment must be received for priority space assignments. Space assignment will not be made without the appropriate payment. Space being held may be reassigned to other exhibitors. Exhibitors will not be allowed to exhibit if the full payment has not been received prior to pre-conference set-up days.

Distribution of Advertising Material
Canvassing or distribution of advertising material by an exhibitor or anyone representing a non-exhibiting firm is strictly prohibited outside of the exhibitor’s booth space or in any part of the exhibit hall, meeting rooms, press rooms or public areas of the conference center or host hotel.

Electrical Regulations
All equipment must comply with federal, state, and local electrical codes. All exhibitor equipment must be UL-approved. Exhibitors should contact Heritage Trade Show Services with any special requirements.

Exhibitor Conduct & Application Review Process
Exhibitors must adhere to and abide by all established deadlines and all conference rules and regulations. The ACEN reserves the right to accept or refuse all requests for exhibits and sponsorship. If for any reason deemed appropriate by the ACEN an exhibitor is asked to dismantle an exhibit and/or leave The Marketplace, the exhibitor agrees to peaceably comply. No refund or demand for compensation shall be made by exhibitor.

Exhibit No-Shows
A company or organization that reserves booth space and fails to inform the ACEN in writing before May 11, 2018, of its plans not to attend automatically forfeits 100% of the total cost of the exhibit space assigned. Exhibiting companies will be considered a no-show if the booth space is unoccupied by 2:00 PM, July 12, 2018; this also includes those who do not set up their tables and booth displays.

Exhibitor Personnel
Exhibitors are encouraged to staff their booths during conference hours but MUST staff their exhibit booths during scheduled unopposed Marketplace hours. Exhibit personnel will be allowed in the exhibit hall one (1) hour before the exhibits open and may remain in the exhibit hall one (1) hour after the exhibits close each day.

Liability and Insurance
The ACEN, its service contractors, the management of the exhibit hall, and any of the officers, directors, or staff of any of the same assume no responsibility for the safety of the property of exhibitors from theft and damage by fire, accident, vandalism, or other causes. The exhibitor expressly waives and releases any claim or demand against the ACEN, its service contractors, the management of the Exhibit Hall, and any of the officers, directors, or staff of any of the same from all liability that might ensue from any cause resulting from or connected with transportation, placement, removal, or display of exhibits. Exhibitors are encouraged to obtain adequate insurance coverage, at their own expense, for property loss or damage and liability for personal injury.

Other Rules and Regulations
Any and all matters not specifically covered by the preceding rules and regulations shall be subject solely to the discretion of the ACEN. The ACEN shall have full power to interpret, amend, and enforce these rules and regulations, provided any amendments, when made, are brought to the notice of exhibitors. All exhibitors indemnify the ACEN from any lawsuits resulting from the actions of the exhibitor and its agents. All exhibitors will be expected to enter into a contract with the ACEN agreeing to the conference exhibit rules and regulations and any amendments or additions thereto in conformance with the preceding sentence. Exhibits are required to remain open and staffed during scheduled hours. No exhibits may be dismantled before official dismantling time. If you anticipate an early departure, please advise the show coordinator as soon as possible.