Indigo Interactive is a Chicago based tech firm that provides software to quality assurance organizations by capturing, reporting, and analyzing standards and compliance safety data. With more than 15 years of experience in accreditation and over 20 years in technology, their predominantly female staff has created their flagship software product, Jura®. Years of collaboration with the accreditation industry have enabled Indigo to understand and address the complex accreditation process and needs of their clients. Jura® is purpose built to focus on workflow automation for the accreditation industry.  They provide a wide array of useable and flexible features. Jura® includes data management, workflow management, data visualization, is fully responsive, and provides outstanding user support. Indigo provides three platforms to choose from depending on your needs and budget. Jura® has not only received high praise for its user experience and mobility, it’s the most efficient product in the accreditation market today. Indigo’s quality assurance reputation has expanded into the Healthcare market, and based on customer reviews they have created another platform, Loup® – specific for healthcare providers to track their compliance checklists and safety data.

Indigo Interactive has worked with many organizations in donating time and services for good causes. They have made it a point to empower women and their own community by giving people the tools and resources they need for success. Their immersive internship program is a great opportunity for mentoring relationships to develop and is also a way for female engineers to get back into the workforce. They are also recognized by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). Being part of the WBENC provides Indigo Interactive a foundation of building more valuable and diverse relationships, especially with those that care about their community, customers, and employees.  

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